114 Bridge Street, New Cumberland, PA

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Every city has one of those hidden gems. You know, the ones where if you know about it, ya’ just feel a little bit better deep down inside. We’re all familiar with ‘em—unassuming exterior, not a lot of flash, but once you get inside it’s like the greatest thing you’ve ever eaten. Well, welcome to Nick’s 114 café. Nick, the owner, has successfully cultivated a laid-back restaurant experience where you can walk in wearing your torn up circa-1995 Joe Camel tee shirt that has long been relegated to the pajama drawer, and nobody would really hold it against you. Ehem, what we mean to say, is that sure that absolutely everyone can enjoy themselves, relax, and get some killer grub without breaking the bank. Let us emphasize killer grub—Nick’s 114 has the party-potential of a bar, with the staggeringly long, “yeah-we’re-gonna-need-a-few-more-minutes” menu of a diner. The thing is, and what makes Nick’s one of those “gems” we were talkin’ about, is that the food is really really awesome! They take pub-grub and diner-style staples like gyros, fried goodie baskets, and soups, and kick it up a few notches to something that does a pretty impressive job of holding it’s own, culinarily speaking. The sausages and honey is a unique appetizer that’s not to be missed, and to really convince the locals that you’re in on the secret that is Nick’s 114, get the crab cake—it’s said to be the best in the area!”

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